Welcome, Expectant Mother
Birth is an expansive journey. The creative forces of
the universe move through your body as you bring new
life into the world.  A doula is an experienced guide                  
who can walk with you as you traverse the terrain of
birth.  She works with you to keep you feeling safe.
She is a gentle but staunch advocate, protecting the
sacredness of your journey.  Using the four "R's"
of birth, she supports your dance with creation:

From time immemorial, women have assisted women in giving birth. In working with a
doula as you labor and deliver, you are carrying on this age-old tradition.  
Congratulations on your decision to have a doula in attendance at this momentous
event. Studies show that women who labor with the assistance of a doula use less
pain medication, have less medical interventions and lower Cesarean birth rates.  
Regardless of whether their birth is vaginal or Cesarean, they are more satisfied with
their overall experience.  Transition to parenthood becomes easier, with an increased
rate of bonding with baby.

As you explore your options in selecting a doula, please contact me for a phone
interview.  I would love to discuss with you the dreams that are in your heart as you
prepare for the birth of your precious little one.  Blessings on you and your baby.  
May your birth be a safe passage.